Membership Terms:

  • General Information

  • Adhere to Membership Rules and Guidelines

  • Contribution and Membership Duration

  • Use of Network Logo

  • Discontinue Membership

General Information:

This Agreement is between the Law Firm Sustainability Network (the “Network”) and you, a law firm (the “Firm”) that wishes to become a member of and to use the services and products of the Network.  To use the Network services, the Firm must first agree to the terms of this Agreement.  The Firm accepts the terms by clicking to accept or agree to the terms or by actually using the Network services or products, including without limitation by accessing any website provided by the Network.  The Network may modify the terms of this Agreement upon written notification to the Firm, and the Firm’s continued use of the Network indicates the Firm’s acceptance of any modifications.  This Agreement constitutes the whole legal agreement between the Firm and the Network and completely replaces any prior agreements between the Firm and the Network in relation to participation or membership in the Network.

 The individual accepting on behalf of the Firm represents and warrants that he or she has the authority to act on the Firm’s behalf, and that the Firm’s employees, officers, representatives, and other agents accessing the Network or its services or products are duly authorized to make such access and to legally bind the Firm to this Agreement.

Adhere to Membership Rules and Guidelines:

The member firm agrees to the existing by-laws, mission statements, policies, rules and guidelines of the Network as modified from time to time.  The Board is the definitive authority in any Network guiding principles.

The member firm commits to completing the benchmark survey within three months of joining the Network and to submitting one case study on one of its sustainable activities to the case study library, and at least two by the end of its first twelve months of membership.  It should be noted that the Network is developing the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standards (ALISS) and there is an expectation that all member firms will partake in the Standards.

Members contribute time willingly and freely as they see fit and without financial compensation unless they are providing a commercial service that has been deemed central to the success of the LSFN and approved by the executive committee, or a committee, or officer of the LSFN designated with the responsibility of LSFN financial over-sight.

To the extent permitted by law, the Network and, to the extent related to this Agreement, the Network’s suppliers, distributors, subsidiaries, affiliates and licensors will not be responsible for lost profit, revenues or data, financial losses or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages; and in addition any claims will be limited to the amount the Firm paid the Network for its membership subscription.

This Agreement distinguishes between two property interests:  data contributed by the Firm (“Firm Contributed Data”) and any materials that comprise the Network and any product or service offered by the Network (“Network Materials”).  Firm Contributed Data includes any case studies and any survey answers or other information provided by the Firm as part of its participation in the Network.  Network Materials include, without limitation, all websites, code, standards, surveys, analyses, lists, questions, studies, statistics, summaries, interpretations, ideas, information, marks, and designs that comprise part or all of the Network, any Network service, or any Network product, including, by way of example only, the Logo.

a.  The Firm grants to Network a non-exclusive, non-assignable, royalty-free license to  host and store Firm Contributed Data during the term of the Firm’s membership in the Network.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Network may anonymize and/or de-identify any Firm Contributed Data and aggregate that information and data with other information and data for any further use or purpose (including for display or distribution to the public).  With the prior written consent of the Firm, the Network may also use and publish for review by other Network Members the Firm’s Firm Contributed Data during the term of the Firm’s membership in the Network.

b.  The Firm agrees that Network Materials are the exclusive property of the Network or licensors of the Network.  

Contribution and Membership Duration:

The Network does ask all members to make a one-time annual membership contribution to the Network to help cover basic Network administrative costs.  The Network has non-for-profit charitable organization status and as such the contribution is tax deductible for the firm.

To allow fairness in contribution across the law firm community, the contribution is determined by the number of lawyers in the firm at the time of joining  See website for current contributions amount. Membership allows two official firm representatives to join the Network.  However, firms may include up to ten contacts to be added to email distributions for educational sessions and announcements.

The contribution is deemed to be the full contribution for duration of twelve months from the initial membership being granted and renewable on a twelve-month basis. The member firm agrees to pay the next twelve-month membership cycle installment within 30 days from the end of the current twelve-month membership cycle.  If the membership contribution has not been paid after 90 days from the end of the current twelve month membership cycle, the member firm is deemed to no longer be a member of the Network and the discontinue membership rules become effective, as outlined below. The Board reserves the rights to increase or decrease the membership contribution.  If such occurrence takes place during the twelve-month membership cycle, any designated increase will not become applicable until the law firm’s annual membership is renewed at the end of its twelve-month membership cycle.  Any designated decrease will be applied retroactively based on the remaining months of the twelve-month membership cycle and a refund will be paid to the member law firm. The law firm is in no way bound to renew its membership for the following twelve month membership cycle, or any future twelve month membership cycles, and can choose to continue or discontinue its membership after the initial twelve months at its own discretion.

Use of Network Logo:

The Network grants a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-assignable license to use the Network logo (the “Logo”) for the Term to promote the Firm’s membership in the Network under the following terms:

a.  After the Firm’s acceptance of this Agreement, the Network will provide the Firm with a copy of the Logo (or access to a copy).  The Network can, at its discretion, modify the Logo in any way at any time, and the Firm agrees to use only the most current version of the Logo provided by the Network.  The Firm agrees not to modify the Logo in any way, including by adding to the Logo, deleting part of the Logo, changing the color of the Logo, or changing the shape of the Logo.

b.  The Firm may use the Logo on the Firm’s website and in any other materials only to promote the Firm’s membership in the Network.  The Firm may not use the Logo in any way that states or implies the Network’s sponsorship of, support of, or approval of the Firm, any of the Firm’s activities or clients, or of anything else, and the Firm agrees to issue express disclaimers to the that effect upon request by the Network.

c.  The Firm acknowledges the importance to the Network and to the Network’s reputation and goodwill of the Network maintaining quality control over use of the Logo and agrees to abide by the Network’s quality control efforts or demands.  The Firm agrees that the Network may review any use of the Logo made by the Firm and that the Firm will immediately comply with any demand from the Network that the Firm stop or modify any use, including without limitation demands that the Firm retract any use.  The Firm also agrees to provide the Network with copies of any use of the Logo upon request.  The Firm further agrees that in all cases the Firm will use the Logo with the same high level of care with which the Firm uses its own trademarks and to avoid all uses that might cast the Network in a negative light.

Discontinue Membership:

The Network reserves the right to discontinue a Firm’s membership if the Firm breaches this Agreement or acts in a way that the Network reasonably believes is contrary to the mission of the Network.  Instances that may engage such a process include but are not limited to behavior that brings dishonor to the LSFN and is against its core principles, failure to provide its membership contribution, or other such instances as identified by the Network Board.

If a member firm decides to discontinue its membership, the membership firm must complete the online discontinuation form and on its submission both the member firm and the Network will be relieved from any on-going obligations.

If the member firm chooses to discontinue its membership, for whatever reason, the Network will retain any remaining balance of its twelve-month membership cycle.  At such time, the member firm will no longer be designated as a member and the Network agrees to remove the firm from any listing on its website and any other publicly available information, within 30 days of the date of submitting the membership discontinuation form.

On notifying the Network through the online membership discontinuation form, the law firm agrees to remove, within 30 days of the discontinuation notification, all mentions of the Network from its publicly internal and external information platforms such as its intranet, website, marketing materials, newsletters, client publications, proposals etc.  From that date forward the law firm will not be permitted to use the Network logo as a means to convey its commitment to environmental sustainability.